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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Welcome...... a little background on RADIO IASCA.

The first seven songwriters and composers of IASCA, our Board of Directors, represent a diverse range of the incredible music talent we have in Ireland right now.
Recently, we all sat around and talked about how we could highlight Irish Artists, in support of our PLAY IRISH project.
We discovered we all like music from different genres and how interesting it might be individually to curate a programme showcasing the Irish artists we listen to.
The idea of a creating a podcast was born -  RADIO IASCA.

The very gifted Joe Chester, songwriter and producer, curated our first podcast choosing five Irish artists he admires to interview. He intertwined each interview with music from that artist and the result is mind-blowing. We hope when you listen you will discover an Irish artist unknown to you.

Please grab a cuppa, and listen below....

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Curated by Joe Chester -

Shaun Davey -
The Brendan Theme - From the album The Brendan Voyage
The Song of Stan Ileana (In my Arms I Held Her) - From the album Voices From The Merry Cemetery

Katie Kim -
Radio - From the album Twelve
Heavy Lighting - From the forthcoming album Cover and Flow

Hulk -
The Gate of Orion - From the album Rise of a Mystery Tide

Andy Irvine -
James Magee - From the album Abocurragh
Never Tire of the Road - From the album Rain on the Roof

Gemma Hayes -
This is to say Thanks - From forthcoming, yet to be titled album.
Ghost - From Oliver EP

Katie Kim and Gemma Hayes have kindly allowed us to use new and unreleased tracks. Thank you ladies.