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Thursday, 18 October 2018
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Calling All Music Creators,
Written by Sinéad Troy    Monday, 03 September 2018 11:14    PDF Print E-mail

Calling All Music Creators,

Please join 

calling on the 11 Irish MEPS to
on September 12th

It might not always be visible. You may not hear about it every day in the news. But don’t be fooled, Europe is engaged in a new kind of battle, one against domination from internet giants. The next casualty? Culture. Your Culture.

Digital economic powers continue to profit as working artists struggle to make ends meet. By refusing to give creators a say and by not paying properly for using their art, current creators are being hurt and the dreams of future creators are being extinguished. The gap between the revenue generated by the Internet Platforms and the money they give to the creators, responsible for their success, is not fairly shared.

But it’s not just the livelihoods of creators that are at stake, it’s also our democracy. On September 12, the European Parliament will vote on the fate of the EU Copyright Directive. This Directive isn't just more regulation, it’s a necessary tool to level the playing field with powerful internet companies that don’t want to play by the rules.  As citizens of Europe, we find ourselves at a historic crossroads where we must answer the question: what kind of Europe do we want? A strong Europe that stands up for the rights of its people, or a Europe that gives in to the whims of corporations?

While the current debate has been focused on “memes” and “Gifs” – which will not be affected by the new Directive - this vote is about so much more. We know this vote cuts to the core of how democracy functions in Europe. But do our MEPs know it?

We are now at a critical point in our campaign which seeks to protect the livelihoods of Irish music creators, now and into the future and this is why we are calling on your help by lending your name to this vitally important campaign.  

Your voice and support would be invaluable in our efforts to ensure fairness for music creators in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Call to action:

* TAG THE MEPs in your posts

List of IRISH MEPs

MEP Facebook addresses:

@EPinIrreland @LiadhniriadaMEP @Lukemingflanagan @marianharkin @MattCarthySF @NessaChildersMEP @BrianHayesFG @deirdreclunemep @sean.kellymep @briancrowleymep @mairead.mcguinness.5 @LynnBoylanforEurope

MEP Twitter addresses:

@EpinIreland @LiadhniriadaMEP @lukeming @LNBDublin @MarianHarkin @sinnfeinireland @NchildersMEP @brianhayesMEP @BrianHayesFG @DeirdreCluneMEP @SeanKellyMEP @fiannafailparty @MaireadMcGMEP @mattcarty

For more information on the campaign, click here:


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Written by Sinéad Troy    Wednesday, 01 August 2018 00:00    PDF Print E-mail


launches today on




Jack O'Rourke's new single 'Myth'

Jack will be live in the studio at 2pm


John Keane, host of LUNCH on KCLR 96FM is a big music fan, and an even bigger Irish music fan. Regularly introducing new Irish music to his daytime audience,  John and KCLR decided to join the PLAYIRISH community to help us highlight amazing Irish artists to their listeners.




A group of radio and music folk highlighting new Irish releases to the Irish people with regular daytime radio airplay. A chosen artist gets five daytime plays in the same week, which is essentially them getting added to a playlist! Started by IASCAGalway Bay FM were the first station on board, joined swiftly by the South East's Beat102-103, then Ocean FM, Dublin City FM and now Kilkenny’s KCLR Lunch!

It's important for listeners to hear a song multiple times to decide if they like it (or not!), and elevating Irish music at home allows artist's to break through the noisy world of music/news/social media etc. and get their music heard and grow their audience. Radio DJ's have always been a filter for great music, nothing has changed, in fact they are needed now more than ever!!



KCLR broadcasts to Carlow and Kilkenny since 2004 and has always been a strong supporter of Irish music on the station. We play many new artists plus all of the well known Irish artists from the last few decades. The station encourages live Irish music as often as possible with many primetime shows making plenty of room for these interviews and live performances. Over the years KCLR has held exclusive live gigs with the 4 of Us and The Stunning with many more planned for the future. Being part of PLAYIRISH will give the station another outlet to promote, play and back all Irish music.



The Irish Association of Songwriter Composers and Authors (IASCA), is a non-profit membership association set up to strengthen the existing community, and help music writers of all genres connect and support each other.

We listen to the concerns of our members, endeavor to find solutions, and provide one voice with which to lobby on their behalf.

We protect and support Irish music writers and lyricists of all genres and encourage emerging talent.

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PLAYIRISH International has a new partner!
Written by Sinéad Troy    Thursday, 28 April 2016 10:48    PDF Print E-mail

IASCA are delighted to annouce our new partner for PLAYIRISH International, the McGettigan's Group.

PLAYIRISH International brings international partners together to promote Irish music. The music is chosen each month by an expert panel of Irish music media, who choose from all genres of Irish music. PLAYIRISH with McGettigan's joins PLAYIRISH USA in our bid to support the international promotion of Irish music.

McGettigan's Pub was first opened in Ireland in the 1960's, on Queen Street in Dublin by Jim McGettigan. Since that day, the business has grown from Dublin, moved to Dubai and Abu Shabi, back home to Donegal, Limerick and Galway with futher locations in Singapore, Clarke Quay and New York City.

McGettigan's have always supported Irish music, and are now partnering with IASCA to bring newly released music to their customers via PLAYIRISH.

PLAYIRISH with McGettigan's TUNE IN!


YANGAROO and Ireland’s IASCA enter agreement for secure music delivery.
Written by Sinéad Troy    Wednesday, 05 August 2015 13:36    PDF Print E-mail
Dublin, Ireland, Wednesday 5th August – YANGAROO Inc., the industry's leading secure digital media management company, today announced a multi-year agreement withIreland’s music writers association, IASCA to provide secure delivery of music from record labels and independent music artists to broadcasters, music reviewers and other destinations in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Yangaroo’s Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) has been successfully delivering music securely and electronically to radio broadcasters and other destinations in North America and other territories for over a decade.

YANGAROO’s Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) is a proven solution and has been successfully delivering music securely and electronically for major and independent record labels and other content owners to radio broadcasters and other destinations in North America and other territories for over a decade.

The DMDS service will be officially launched in Q4 of 2015 in Ireland, and the introduction of this world class technology solves a number of issues for artists, labels, as well as broadcasters and other media outlets. For the former, it delivers the highest quality, watermarked, broadcast ready files, instantly, securely, inexpensively, and directly to the decision makers, in a format in which they prefer to receive it. For media, DMDS is for exclusive use to pre-approved recipients, and these releases are easily accessible in one library via computer or mobile device.
“The Canadian Music Industry led the world in the move to digital delivery of music to broadcasters beginning in 2003 virtually all music that is heard on radio in Canada is delivered via DMDS.” Said Cliff Hunt YANGAROO Vice Chairman and COO. “We have, of course expanded into the U.S. and other territories since then, and are excited to have Ireland and IASCA leading the way in Europe.”
Sinead Troy, General Manager of IASCA and DMDS Ireland says “It’s an exciting time for us, there is no doubt this is a Irish music industry solution, to an Irish music industry problem. For example, Irish radio stations receive independent music haphazardly and if we want them to consider playing more, then we simply have to make it easier for them to access and listen to! Irish radio have been hugely supportive of the plan for DMDS, and are ready to begin testing the platform next month”.

Labels, Artists and Media who would like more information, please register

About IASCA 
IASCA | Irish Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors
IASCA is a members association dedicated to working with the music writers of Ireland. Our goal is to represent our members, support them, protect their interests and create an environment in which new talent can thrive. General Manager of IASCA, Sinead Troy is a music industry professional with over 20 years experience of UK, Irish and international music markets
YANGAROO is a company dedicated to digital media management.  YANGAROO's patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) is a leading secure B2B digital cloud based solution focused on the music and advertising industries. The DMDS solution provides more accountable, effective, and far less costly digital management of broadcast quality media via the Internet. It replaces the physical, satellite and closed network distribution and management of audio and video content, for music, music videos, and advertising to television, radio, media, retailers, and other authorised recipients. The YANGAROO Awards platform is now the industry standard and powers most of North America’s major awards shows.
YANGAROO has offices in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles. YANGAROO trades on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol YOO and in the U.S. under OTCBB: YOOIF. For further information, please contact Gary Moss at 416-534-0607 ext.111 or

Media pack download link:

For IASCA and DMDS Ireland Enquiries
Kathryn Mason @ Kathryn Mason | PR & Marketing
Tel: + 353 87 2627977

The statements contained in this release that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause such statements to differ materially from actual future events or results. Such forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
For YANGAROO Industry Inquiries:
Celia Vine, LLC
Deanna Kennedy
Phone: 1 (413) 219-7588
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For YANGAROO Investor Inquiries:
The Howard Group Inc.
Dave Burwell/Brad Dryer
Phone:  1 (403) 221-0915
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Our mailing address is:
Kathryn Mason | PR & Marketing, Level 4, Moira House, Dame Lane, Dublin 2, D02 C588
Email: [initials}                                                         
July 2015
Written by Sinéad Troy    Tuesday, 04 August 2015 10:33    PDF Print E-mail
IASCA signs deal with Canada’s Yangaroo to bring DMDS technology to Ireland!
Watch this space for more news!
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